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Indigenous Business Advancement Strategy

Are you considering getting the right advice for your small business? If you’re of indigenous heritage this could just be the service for you.

It can be a nightmare trying to get the right information for your small business needs, and we know how difficult is can be because we’re also a small indigenous business too and understand exactly how you feel.

We get that business structuring and planning can be tough going, but it needn’t be, we use a pool of knowledge from industry experts to help you through the maze with ease.  We do this by correctly building and tailoring a package of perfect solutions to meet your specific needs.

Aboriginal Business Solutions
Indigenous consultation

Aboriginal Business Services

Build An Business You Can Be Proud Of

SSBS provide a suite of professional business services to support & promote economic development & growth.

Our core values are to empower & inspire entrepreneurs and organisations and build their capability, capacity & resources needed to develop a sustainable business.

Our Mission is to ensure our people, our culture and our country continue to develop and grow economically and socially in a sustainable way

Our vision is to

  • Provide a suite of professional services to support & promote economic development & community growth
  • Empower & inspire entrepreneurs and organisations and provide them with the capability, capacity & resources needed to develop a sustainable business model
  • Providing the link between Indigenous communities and government & non-government organisations

Our core values are

  • Respect of our culture and country
  • Self-respect
  • Self-determination
  • Self-sustainability



We work with all three levels of government, corporations, for-profit & not-for-profit organisations.

Strategic Small Business Solutions are members of:

  • Supply Nation
  • New South Wales Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
  • First Australians Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Strategic Small Business Solutions Acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians

of The Land and Sea and Pay Our Respects Elders Past, Present and the Future


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Business Advisor

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