Facilitation Services


Meeting and Organisational Facilitation

We provide facilitation services to profit and not for profit organisations. We use strategies to help you achieve the vision and direction of the organisation.

Workshops help our clients achieve strategic planning and key outcomes by:

  • Working closely with our clients to identify and clarify key outcomes;
  • Engage and challenge all participants; and
  • Guide participants through a series of strategies that ensures all participants are focused, motivated and have a shared commitment to achieving key outcomes.

Grant and Tender Application

We facilitate our clients in the difficult grant and tender writing process to ensure they meet and exceed expectations and put you ahead of the game. Whether you’re a small, medium or large organisation, we can shape a tender assistance service to suit your needs. Our industry experience means we create practical and operationally effective documents that tender panels will relate to.

Buying a Business

It’s important to get support when buying a business. Unless you know the business thoroughly, it’s easy to miss things that will affect the business later on.

We provide facilitation support to prospective businesses purchasers to ensure they identify and understand the business in all of its operations via a detailed due diligence report.

A due diligence report is an investigation of a business prior to signing of a contract and should be performed to understand the business in all of its operations.


Selling a Business

Presenting a professional overview of your business is an easy way to help sell your business. A prospective buyer wants to understand the business in all of its operations in an easy to read business overview.

Avoid all of the little questions with an informative detailed overview of your business.

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