Capability Statement

Our Vision

Strategic Small Business Solutions provides the link between business owners and a successful business drawing on their passion, creativity, ability and commitment.
Strategic Small Business Solutions provide business owners with the insight, skills, knowledge and resources to build a sustainable business.

Our Values

Strategic Small Business Solutions believes in working with clients by designing programs that achieve sound business skills via professionalism, integrity honesty and respect of country and culture.
Strategic Small Business Solutions use best practice business principals to achieve strategic outcomes for our clients while ensuring confidentiality and equity for our clients and key stakeholders.

Our Mission Statement

Strategic Small Business Solutions core focus is to ensure business owners develop and grow a viable and sustainable business.
Inclusive engagement to ensure a positive outcome for communities and key stakeholders through an open and transparent consultation process is our core objective.

Our Experience

Strategic Small Business Solutions offer over 30 years’ experience in business management and advisory, sales and marketing, customer satisfaction and people management.
We operate Australia wide and service the government, corporate, independent profit and not for profit businesses sectors and community organizations.
We have provided assistance to following Business, Corporate and Government services, Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution services, Consumer Goods & Services, Tourism, Hospitality & MICE services, Professional Services, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Mining Services, Cultural & Community Services, Health & Fitness, Fashion and the Security Industry.

Our Services and Core Capabilities

  • Business development and strategic planning;
  • The development of feasibility studies and business plans;
  • Financial, operational and marketing skills development;
  • The preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts;
  • Mentoring, coaching and skill transfer programs;
  • The development and engagement of staff and contractors;
  • The facilitation of community and key stakeholder consultation and engagement;
  • Facilitation and implementation of change management programs;
  • Meeting and organisational facilitation;
  • Sales & marketing strategies and planning;
  • The evaluation of business proposals; and
  • Assistance in the purchase and selling of a business.


We have formed strategic alliances with quality services providers and can co-deliver.

Financial Management Services

  • Corporate Assurance;
  • Tax compliance & auditing;
  • Tax planning;
  • Cloud Accounting;
  • Loan services;
  • Employee Benefits;
  • Payroll Outsourcing; and
  • Salary Packaging.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Services

  • Operation Manuals;
  • Training Manuals;
  • Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Job Instruction Guides (JSA);
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Occupational Health and Safety; and Manuals;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training;
  • Industrial Relations Training;
  • Personal Development Training;
  • Process Improvement Training;
  • Training needs analysis to assist organisations review workplace training needs;
  • Development of industry specific training designed to meet identified skill gaps within organisations;
  • Developing competency based training models for organisations to self-manage; and
  • Training for the Business, Coal, and Transport & Distribution Sectors.